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Community Director Update

January 3, 2019 by Dan LaLonde

My Brother Knights;

Happy New Year from My family to yours!! It’s another year and just back from Winter Meeting in Bangor with great news!! This years Drive for Intellectual Disabilities was the biggest in my 9 years with $101,370.16. The top councils, Wells $23,028.13 , Bangor with $8740, 3rd was Limerick $4600 , 4Th Old Town $4280 and rounding the Top 5 , Calais $3921.22.

Also Brother Mike Foster, State Faith in Action Director, and I are Co- Captains for January 1st Lobster Dip in Old Orchard Beach, we would like councils to sponsor at least one member from their council and help TEAM KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS. We as Team Knights of Columbus raised just over $17,054 with only 10 Knights dipping. You can also help by using your Tootsie Rolls checks this year and next year by putting on the line “Special Olympics Maine Lobster Dip Team”!!! Brothers, it all goes to Maine Special Olympics!!! Our next dip is in May to support the Aroostook Special Olympics.We crushed it this year thanks to you brothers for supporting us and PUTTING THE MAINE KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS AT TOP TEAM!!!! MANY THANKS!!

After Winter Meeting, we have new councils doing the Free Throw Challenge, we have new councils doing coats for kids and a couple inquiring on Global Wheelchair, and remember a mandatory program is Helping Hands; This can be as little as getting some ziplock baggies and filling them with gloves, hats and gift cards and driving them around town and giving to people by the food pantry. The Maine State Council Free Throw Championship will be held Saturday, March 9th, 2019 at Old Town High School starting at 930 am. Registration starts at 9 am!


Fraternally yours,



Anthony S. Alfiero
Maine State Community Director


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Respect Life Day at the Capitol

January 3, 2019 by Dan LaLonde

Join Us for an Educational Day!
Respect Life Day at the Capitol
February 14, 2019
9:00 AM-1:00 PM

Hall of Flags
State House (2nd Floor)
Augusta, ME

Good News! Maine Right to Life Committee is pleased to announce hosting the 6th annual Respect Life Day at the Capitol.

This is a wonderful educational opportunity by which to showcase Maine’s extensive respect life presence to our lawmakers in a highly visible and informational manner. Respect Life Day at the Capitol will be held in Augusta on Thursday, February 14 at the Hall of Flags from 9AM-1PM (State House Capitol Building, 2nd Floor). On that day, respect life organizations from across the state will convene in the State Capitol and provide legislators and the public with pro-life exhibits/displays.

Please be aware this is not a rally, march, or protest. It is an informational, educational venue for legislators, staff, and those visiting the Capitol on that day.

This event provides a great venue by which to speak with respect life leaders. Learn first-hand what’s new and exciting in Maine’s respect life movement.  Learn what you can do to become a more effective advocate for Maine’s vulnerable, at all stages of development.

Although each participating respect life organization provides a unique area in which to promote the culture of life, we all share the same unwavering mission: To protect and support the precious gift of life by offering compassionate, life-affirming alternatives by which to erode the culture of death.

ALSO—this could be an ideal time to schedule an appointment with your local Representatives and discuss with him/her the importance of their respect life vote(s.)

Find your local Maine Senator and Representative.

Friends, there is no denying it. We are making inroads into building the culture of life through truth and love!

Mark your calendar now, and join us, along with our esteemed respect life colleagues from across Maine. This promises to be an exciting and educational day! Families, students, singles, and seniors are welcome to attend this family-friendly, educational respect life event. See you on February 14th for Respect Life Day at the Capitol!

Your Friends at Maine Right to Life Committee

P.S. There is no snow date available to reschedule the event. Please pray for good weather—-Be sure to check our website ( and/or telephone us (207-782-0101) before you head out on February 14. IF the event must be cancelled due to inclement weather reports, we would announce it on our website and Face Book page the night before. No news is good news. We don’t anticipate having to cancel, but Our Lord may have a different plan for us!


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Former Pro-Life Couple for the Maine State Council

January 3, 2019 by Dan LaLonde

As a former Pro-Life Couple for the Maine State Council, my wife Debbie and I deeply support the value of life and especially the most gratifying alternative called adoption. We adopted our Son Kristopher, a 4th degree Knight; 29 years ago and there isn’t a single day that goes by when we don’t thank God for the joy he’s given our family.  I firmly believe that it affected my daughter Kelly so much, that my son-in-law Pete, who is also a Knight; and my daughter, opened their hearts to adoption even though they already had two sons (Jackson and Alex) from natural birth. Last January 2018 they adopted two twin boys (Jayce and Jeremiah) but that wasn’t enough, and on January 24th 2019 they opened their hearts one more time and adopted two precious little girls (Madison and Annabelle).  Our family has grown in the best way one can imagine, by offering love and a secure future through the gift of adoption. ~Phil Lizotte   PSD

Prayers for Adopted Children


And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Advocate to be with you always, the Spirit of truth, which the world cannot accept, because it neither sees nor knows it. But you know it, because it remains with you, and will be in you. I will not leave you orphans; I will come to you. In a little while the world will no longer see me, but you will see me, because I live and you will live. On that day you will realize that I am in my Father and you are in me and I in you. Whoever has my commandments and observes them is the one who loves me. And whoever loves me will be loved by my Father, and I will love him and reveal myself to him.”

John 14:16-21


Father, We are all your adopted children, not by flesh or by desire, but through the power of the Incarnation of your most beloved Son, Jesus Christ.
Bless those children who have been adopted into new families, that they may experience the love that you have shown us which surpasses even the love of a mother for her child.
In the difficult transitions and hardships that might beset them in their struggle for belonging, give every adopted child the grace to embrace their new family and trust in your paternal care for them, which lasts forever.

Grant this through Christ our Lord. Amen.


Blessed Joseph,

Christ Jesus humbly accepted you as his earthly father and was obedient to you and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

In turn, you raised Jesus as your own son, protected him from harm, provided for his daily needs and loved him with all you heart.

Pray for all adopted children— infants, children, and teens.


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Communications Update

January 3, 2019 by Dan LaLonde

As mentioned at the Winter meeting, more resources are now available electronically. Recently added were the new Leadership Resources, District Deputy, Grand Knight, and Financial Secretary guides. Visit and click on the Resources button on the top menu. Within you will find several folders of information, These guides are found in the Resources 2019 folder as the most recent documents.

Also new, our email list is now mature enough that we can address specific groups such as Grand Knights, Staff, and specific councils with one single list. So tailoring our messages to the right people is no far easier. Although that portion is complete—let the maintenance begin. Keeping that list up to date is the next challenge. Stay tunes as this is part of a larger effort—which also means getting those for 185’s  and 365’s in promptly.

In development as we speak—online registration for Convention. 2019, which lays the foundation for other ventures. Currently the Northern Maine Men’s Retreat has online registration available.


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State Deputy’s Message

December 3, 2018 by Dan LaLonde

December State Deputy’s Message

Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem in the days of Herod the king, behold, there came wise men from the East to Jerusalem, asking   “Where is he that is born King of the Jews? For we have seen his star in the east and have come to worship him”.(Matthew 2:1-2)

I was watching a Christmas movie recently when Mom asked her daughter about whether she was good this year.  Basing it on a scale of 1 to 10, the daughter replied with a 6, maybe 6.5 tops.  Mom felt it should have been higher, especially since her Dad was in the Army and overseas; unable to come home for the holidays.

Are we not our worst critics when it comes to judging ourselves?   As we advance through the ranks as brother Knights, we are reminded of the words “Judge not, lest be judged”.    Our Lord and Savior was born in a manger and yet some would still “judge” the innkeeper for not finding a room at the inn with the impending birth.

If Joseph and Mary were housed at the inn, would the three wise men still be allowed to see the “new born King”? Maybe the Magi themselves would be judged and therefore not allowed to pay homage.

The Blessed Advent Season reminds us that Jesus in coming and to prepare ourselves not only during this special time, but all year long.  It’s not about how much money we spend to give presents or how much a present is worth that we receive (or the hassles of attempting to buy the presents in the stores or online); it’s truly about spending time with each other in the presence of the Lord.  We already do this at Mass each weekend, but now our Lord is presenting us with the opportunity to share it with our families.

For Lois and I, blessing the meal as a family, attending Christmas Mass, giving and receiving of warm embraces, and just spending that quality time with family and friends in the presence of our Lord is the true meaning of Christmas and the Blessed Advent Season.   The anticipation of waiting for that to occur is just as invigorating as waiting for our Lord Jesus Christ to be born.

May you and your family and friends be blessed with the warmth and love of Jesus and each other.  Merry Christmas.    Mark Bourgoin


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Free Membership for Seminarians

December 3, 2018 by Dan LaLonde

We’re pleased to let you know that effective immediately, membership in the Knights of Columbus is free for all seminarians who join the Order online in the United States and Canada. Using the promo code SEM18 to join at, seminarians can begin their membership in the Knights. After joining online, they also have the opportunity to join a Knights of Columbus council where they can continue to grow in their relationship with Christ and his Church through Faith in Action programs, fraternity and a built-in support network.

As you know, the Order has a long history of providing moral, financial and spiritual support for seminarians and all those discerning a religious vocation. Through Faith In Action’s Refund Support Vocations program (RSVP), we raise funds to support our local seminarians, and perhaps even more importantly, we also provide our “adopted” seminarians with moral support and prayers for their success. At this difficult time for the Church it is crucial that we continue to support our seminarians, and offering free membership to those who join online is just one more way to do so.

The rectors at each seminary across the United States and Canada will be receiving a promotional packet including an introductory letter from the Supreme Knight, posters and brochures about this special membership offer for their seminarians in the coming weeks to ensure that program reaches those it was designed for. A sample of the letter, poster, and brochure, are attached in this email for your reference.

Seminarians who join online using this promo code may maintain their free membership for as long as they remain in seminary, by simply attesting to their continued enrollment at the time of their membership renewal. The process takes place entirely online. If a seminarian is ordained to the priesthood, he is granted honorary life membership and continues to be exempt from dues.

Please spread the word about this membership offer throughout your state and local teams. Making sure your immediate Stat Officer Team, District Deputies, Council Grand Knights, Chaplains and Pastors, will ensure that seminarians in your state have the opportunity to join the Order for free! Of course, if you know any seminarians personally, encourage them to join online at using the promo code SEM18.

Please contact Kevin Smith, Field Liaison with any questions you may have about this program. You can reach him at or 203-752-4572.


Are seminarians who are already members eligible to use this promo code for free membership?

If a Seminarian has joined online in the past year, they can use the promo code at their time of renewal to attest and receive that year’s dues for free.

How does a seminarian renew his free membership each year? Seminarians who join online with the promo code will be prompted to re-attest to remaining in seminary each year as part of an automated, online renewal process. His free membership will automatically renew for that following year as long as he attests to remaining in seminary.

Do priests use this promo code for free membership too? No, this offer is only available to current seminarians. Ordained priests will continue to be given Honorary Life Membership, per current policy.

If a seminarian signs up with this promo code and leaves the seminary, will he be charged for membership? If a seminarian has joined the Order for free with the promo code, but leaves the seminary, he will be charged membership dues during the next year’s renewal process. This process is automated and online.

My councils have seminarians whose dues we cover. Can I stop paying those dues? No, this online promo code does not affect any billing processes for councils.

If a seminarian joins online for free with the promo code, and transfers to my council, do I charge him dues? You do not need to charge dues to seminarians who transfer into your council after joining online with the promo code. During the next year’s billing cycle, councils will have the option to make him exempt from membership dues.


Mark McMullen Senior Vice President Membership and Fraternal Mission


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Health Services Director

December 3, 2018 by Dan LaLonde

Maine State Council Health services director newsletter December 2018

I would firstly, like to think the State Deputy,  officers  and members of the Maine State Council of the Knights of Columbus for their confidence in me in appointing me in this position as the 1st Maine State Council State Health Services Director.

In this position: I find myself working closely with the Knights of Columbus Insurance fraternal benefit side of our beloved order. Specifically, Greg White and his agency located in Waterville, Maine.

In this position I have received multiple emails and am still figuring out the scope of this daunting challenge. All around us we are faced with multiple health concerns of epidemic proportions to include but not limited to the deteriorating health of our membership, flu epidemics, the degradation of society and its impact upon her health, and the all too well prevalent opioid and addiction crisis.

In looking at all of these circumstances that surround us; we may feel helpless and hopeless in many of these circumstances, but the one thing that comes to mind is the sentiment that “I am my brother’s keeper” this is so true; especially for members of the Knights of Columbus and their families.

However, the question is what do we do and how do we do it?

You’re all well aware of the steps that we can take prepare for the future and for that I would implore each and every one of us to contact the fraternal benefits representatives that are at our disposal 24 hours a day to search out the multiple fraternal benefits available to all of us; as they can help us prepare for the future.

Additionally, we can also reach out to our brothers who may be struggling. We can attempt in a fraternal and empathetic manner to have that conversation that we may have been putting off to be of assistance; and in our own lives we can be that power of example. We can practice moderation and above all, remember that we are brother’s keeper: not only during Advent and the Christmas season, but throughout the year.

As I continue with the help of my brother Knights and fellows Maine State Council staff and officers to continue to develop scope of this position; which at present is  someone of a referral type position at present, I would encourage the councils to look at programming that could assist in this endeavor such as blood pressure screenings, health prevention assessments, and programs that could reach out to the most vulnerable populations to include those with mental illness and substance use disorders.

Finally, as we look on our windows we can see that we are in the middle of the winter pattern and we’ve had snow earlier than in past years; please take the extra time to be safe and conscious; prepare for the unexpected, take care of each other, and involve all have a safe and blessed holy Christmas season


Your servant in Christ; Vivat Jesus

Miles Brookes

Maine State Council  Health Services Director

In the sidebar  you will find a reminder of the dangers of carbon monoxide as we find ourselves without power from time to time here in Maine as result of our winter storms; although snow can be beautiful. It also has inherent dangers. Please review the below and pass on to the brother Knights in your councils.


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Worthy Advocate

December 3, 2018 by Dan LaLonde

Dear Grand Knights and Faithful Navigators,


I hope you all have had an excellent Thanksgiving celebration.  As we prepare for the Advent Season, soon to be followed by the Christmas Season, and the coming of our Lord, I encourage you to avail yourself of every opportunity to prepare for His birth!  Barbara and I extend to you wishes for a Holy and Blessed Christmas, and a Joyous and Happy New Year!

This letter is to remind you about any resolutions that may be presented at next year’s State Convention. If your Council wishes to have a resolution voted on at the Convention, you must submit it to me in a timely manner. I request that you send me an email or letter no later than February 1, 2019, and a copy to the State Secretary.

This will enable me to have it published in the State Newsletter by February 15th so that all Councils may have some time to decide on these matters before the State Convention.

The resolutions process is intended to enhance the fraternal character of the Order, to improve its governance and administration, and to serve its evangelical mission. While the Supreme Council welcomes resolutions submitted in good faith to accomplish one of these goals, it strongly discourages State Councils from submitting resolutions challenging well settled policies of the Knights of Columbus that represent the sound judgment of the Supreme Council and that have served the Order well for many years. In this regard, it is important to remember that the purpose of the resolutions process is not to “send a message” to the Supreme Council or to challenge policies that have been reaffirmed repeatedly by the delegates at previous Supreme Conventions.

Please do not delay. Any resolutions sent to me after the 15th of February will not be voted on due to the established timetable in the State Council by-laws.  If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to call me.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and participation in this important right of yours.

Vivat Jesus!

Michael W. Giroux
State Advocate
Maine State Council,
Knights of Columbus


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Knights of Columbus councils in Kennebunk, Wells, Biddeford, Sanford, and Springvale teamed up to raise $40,000 for a new ultrasound at the Alpha Pregnancy Resource Center in Sanford.

December 3, 2018 by Dan LaLonde

SANFORD—An initiative that launched on Mother’s Day Weekend in May will compassionately help expecting mothers in the area for years to come.

Knights distributed empty baby bottles to parishioners who wished to help the cause. Individuals and families then filled the bottles with change, checks, or paper money, and returned them to their church.

Over $28,000 was raised. The knights then petitioned the organization’s supreme council for $12,000. The petition was approved, and an ultrasound machine will be purchased for the center to provide for the health of mothers and their unborn children.

“Our goal was to raise $20,000,” said Bob Marlowe, a member of the Knights of Columbus in Kennebunk. “This is overwhelming. The supreme council helped us to the finish line with money from the Culture of Life Fund that all knights contribute to with dues each year.”

“We know from experience that a woman who sees an ultrasound image of her child is highly likely to keep her baby,” said Knights of Columbus Supreme Knight Carl Anderson. “A nurse practitioner told me that the first woman to use a new machine purchased in Texas said her mind was already made up in favor of abortion. But then, as she watched the ultrasound, her baby turned and seemed to wave to her. She looked up at the nurse and said, ‘I’m going to keep my baby.’”

Since 2009, similar ultrasound initiatives have allowed the Knights of Columbus to purchase over 900 ultrasound machines at a cost of approximately $44 million. The machines have been placed in pro-life pregnancy care centers in all 50 states and Canada, including several centers in Maine like First Step Pregnancy Resource Center in Bangor, ABBA in Portland, and Hope House in Lewiston.

For 25 years, Alpha in Sanford has offered a safe and confidential haven to those facing an unplanned pregnancy. The center is committed to serving all clients in a caring manner regardless of age, race, income, religion, nationality, or disability.


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Lobster Dip for Special Olympics 2019 Old Orchard Beach Maine January 1, 2019

December 3, 2018 by Dan LaLonde

Maine Knights of Columbus has a long and strong tradition of supporting Special Olympics.  Northern Maine has it’s version of the Lobster Dip in it’s Polar Dip, but it pails in comparison to this event in Old Orchard Beach.

“… it’s not just a Dip – it’s a day-long event. Post Dip party includes free buffet, live music, cash bar and fun, fun and more fun!  Hundreds of our faithful will be on hand and we want you to be there to. It’s time to start making plans, forming teams, setting up your personal fundraising page and get ready for the 32nd annual Lobster Dip to benefit Special Olympics Maine! Bring a friend this year!”

If you can’t be a part of the team, support the team form the sidelines and/or make a donation to the cause!  Visit  or contact Team Captain Anthony Alfiero.


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November State Deputy’s Message

November 3, 2018 by Dan LaLonde


November is a time when a number of things occur; celebrating All Saints Day; backing up our clocks an hour; honoring our deceased brother Knights; electing those that are govern our state and country; honoring our veterans that have served in battle and in peacetime to maintain our freedoms; giving thanks to God for all that we have for without Him we have nothing; shopping on Black Friday (not!!); etc.

There are also some interesting “special days” that probably most of us do not know about; but two that really stood out is on 13 November:  “World Kindness Day” and 21 November “World Hello Day”.   They are wonderful opportunities to extend a smile or extend a helping hand.  You may be that only person that does so and may mean the world of difference to that person you meet.

What are you thankful for?  Although some will take some serious time to really ponder this question, the one and only answer should be, “everything”.  I am grateful to God for everything he has given me; my life and my family (which includes my wife, parents, siblings, children, grandchildren, friends, brother Knights and their families).  I am grateful for the time, talents and treasures God gave me to serve Him, the Church, my Council, my District and the State and especially to serve each of you. Every day is an opportunity to be thankful, not just on Thanksgiving Day.    Thank you!!! And God be with you all.
~Mark Bourgoin


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Family Director Update

November 3, 2018 by Dan LaLonde

“The family as domestic church is central to the work of the new evangelization and to the future sustainability of our parishes.”  Supreme Knight Carl Anderson

Saint John Paul II exhorted us to pray the Rosary for peace and for the family. “A similar need for commitment and prayer arises in relation to another critical contemporary issue: the family, the primary cell of society, increasingly menaced by forces of disintegration on both the ideological and practical planes, so as to make us fear for the future of this fundamental and indispensable institution and, with it, for the future of society as a whole. “

The above quotes are from Building the Domestic Church, A Scriptural Rosary for the Family. More information on the Rosary for the Family can be found at the following link. Praying the rosary as a family is a great way to bring your family closer together and strengthen your family bonds. For more information on the Family from Building the Domestic Church please go to the Family Library located here

Another way that we as Knights of Columbus can help strengthen families is through the Family of the Month Program. The Family of the Month Program stimulates and supports the development of strong and vibrant families. Each month, the council Family of the Month committee selects one parish family that models Christian family values and visibly lives them every day. Once a year, each participating council also selects one of the previous twelve Family of the Month winners to represent the council/parish as the potential international Family of the Year. The Knights of Columbus Family of the Year is chosen by the Supreme Council and recognized each year at the annual Supreme Convention.

To gain credit for your program, complete the associated reporting forms and submit them to the Supreme Council Department of Fraternal Mission. Remember to retain copies for your council records. By the 15th day of the month following recognition, complete and submit the Family of the Month Report Form(#10668). For example, the Report Form for the September Family of the Month should be submitted by October 15.

More information and resources on the Family of the Month Program can be found here


My wife Charlene and I look forward to working with all of the councils in the State of Maine to promote a stronger family.


Respectfully Submitted,


Wesley and Charlene Tabb

Family Director/Couple

Maine State Council


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Community Director Update

November 3, 2018 by Dan LaLonde

Anthony S. Alfiero
Community Activities Director
Maine State Council Knights of Columbus
64 Gateway Commons Drive Gorham, ME 04038-1354
C 207 6505303

Nov-Dec 15,2018


Fall is here and all councils should be ending their Tootsie Roll Drives and returning their monies to me for distribution. The proper forms are on MAINEKNIGHTS.ORG under pages on right side, then hit Campaign for Intellectual Disabilities.  Looking for a record this year with Tootsie roll drive. Memo to councils, If you want to give to Maine Special Olympics and you want to help other brother knights to FREEZING FOR A REASON, Pledge to MAINE KNIGHT LOBSTER DIP, WHERE ALL OF OUR MONEY GOES TO MAINE SPECIAL OLYMPICS!! Update on this year’s Campaign For Intellectually Disabled as of OCT27, 2018 WELLS $22528.13 LIMERICK $4600.00 BIDDEFORD $3435.50 NORTH WINDHAM $3240.94 SANFORD $2582.42

Fort Fairfield hosted our only District soccer challenge, there were 16 Participants 9 to 14 years old

9 year old boy Ethan Milton from Council #1753- 235 Points
9 year old girl Sarah Hadfield from Council #1753-150 points
10 year old boy Andrew Gagnon from council #1753- 175 points
10 year old girl Mallory Cronin from Council #2524 – 215 points
11 year old boy Owen Sweeney from Council #2524-275 points
11 year old girl Brianna Levesque from Council #1870-145 points
12 year old boy Augustus Bonner from Council#2524-200 points
12 year old old girl Jacqueline Pelletier from council #1753-200 points
13 year old boy Blake Senal from council #1753-200 points
13 year old girl NONE
14 year old boy NONE
14 year old girl Eva Callioras from Council#2524- 235 points


Also with the cold weather coming remember to have food drives, blood drives; AND TRY SOMETHING NEW; maybe Coats for Kids Program, Helping Hands, Habitat for Humanity, or Global Wheelchair.


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Roundtable Director update

November 3, 2018 by Dan LaLonde

Ron Darling
150 Medway Road
Millinocket, ME 04462

Dear Brother Knights,

I am writing you to ask that all Grand Knights get out their Parish Round Table Information filled out and turned in please. All you need is a name of a member of your council that attends a church that does not have a “Knights of Columbus” presence. This is to make sure that the Parish priest has the help they need from the Knights. This form only takes about five minutes to fill out so please take the time to do so to ensure all the priests get the help from the Knights that they deserve. Thank you for taking to time to do this.

I hope your Calendar sales are going well. If you are having trouble selling them, please return them to me as soon as possible. I am getting low on Calendars and still have councils calling for them. So if you have Calendars you are not going to sell, please mail them back to me. Thank you for your efforts in this project.

Yours in Christ,
Ron Darling
Raffle Chairman, Parish Round Table Coordinator


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State Deputy Message

October 2, 2018 by Dan LaLonde

October is Respect Life Month and although most would consider this more toward the human life aspect, I also look at it through the eyes of God and all of his creations.  For instance, leaf peeping season has to be one of the most beautiful transitions of the autumn season.

This photograph was taken from the camp deck in Rockwood (between Greenville and Jackman) where the State Officers, at the invitation of our State Chaplain Father Aaron Damboise, held their 1st annual Spiritual Retreat this past weekend. This provided the opportunity to share meals together, pray the rosary, exercise our friendship and fellowship, and ponder a question by our Spiritual Leader.  This discernment took us on a nature walk along with Moose River. That Saturday afternoon, we attended  the 4 p.m. Mass at Holy Family Church in Greenville followed by a turkey dinner at the parish center.

What was the question:? Who do you feel is the one in your family that encouraged or strengthen your faith?  I share this question with you because during my opportunity to reflect on it, the one family member that came to mind immediately was only on God’s earth for two hours; my son Ian Michael who in fact passed away 25 years ago this year.  How could he have such an impact?  Because God gave him life and the opportunity for me to be a Dad, albeit a short one.

Our time on this earth is short.  Let us pay respect to our God and Father for the life he has given us, the beauty in our children and families, and in all of His creations.   Let us never forget those that have gone before us; for it is them as to why we are here.
God Bless Mark Bourgoin


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Community Director Update

October 2, 2018 by Dan LaLonde

Update: Community Director


As you might know the Knights of Columbus is moving towards the 21st Century, We are now doing Faith in Action ! New Community Faith in Action items are Helping Hands, this is a Mandatory program your council must do to get Star Council. What Helping Hands is designed for councils to take care for the most disadvantaged members of its community. Working at soup kitchen, putting gift cards and mittens in ziplock bags and passing them out in your community, and Work at a homeless Shelter. Coats for kids, Disaster Preparedness ,Catholic Essay Contest, Free Throw Championship , Soccer Challenge, Blood drives, Habitat for Humanity, and The Global Wheelchair Mission are some of the new FAITH IN ACTION PROGRAMS.Any Question just ask me!!

Columbus Day is coming and many Maine Council do their Annual Tootsie Roll Drive. First and Foremost, my goal this year that all 91 councils in that state do a Tootsie Roll Drive sometime this year. It doesn’t have to be done on Columbus Weekend either. You can start small and order 2 cases of Tootsie Rolls from me and do it at all masses at your church for the month, you can do it when its easy for your council. If you don’t want to do traditional way on our website there is sample letter to mail out to businesses and collect money that way. If you need help, just call or email me!! I will help you ! All forms are on state website, under Campaign for program with intellectual disabilities.

As of Oct 1st, here are your councils that are Top 5 in Drive for Campaign for intellectual disabilities

WELLS $14,465.00
BIDDEFORD $2442.50
FALMOUTH $2180.01
RUMFORD $1839.32

Note Wells is using our letter program. Biddeford runs multiple drives, so if you want that FAMOUS PLAQUE AT CONVENTION, Start soon!! Next to Get credit for Faith in Action go on our Website and use the new electronic Faith in Action form. Brothers in closing, Think of this this is our Faith in Action Period!!

Fraternally Yours


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