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2020-21 Faith Awards


TITLE: Memorial Day Mass

We remember.  We celebrate.  We believe.  Each year, this parish remembers the community’s veterans with a Memorial Day Mass.  They honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect America’s freedoms.  The celebration takes place at the local cemetery, at a memorial altar built in 1936 by this council, which also maintains and repairs it as needed.  Council members variously attend, serve in the 4th Degree honor guard or visit veteran gravesites.  Christ the Divine Mercy Parish hosts the event, with the support of our winner, St. Martin of Tours Council #680 in Millinocket.



TITLE: Basilica Outdoor Nativity Scene

This council responded to a May 2020 request from its pastor to place a nativity scene in front of the church during the Christmas season.  To complement the great church building, members purchased life-size cutout nativity figures.  They secured the cutouts to form a weather-resistant display.  They designed, built and stained a stable, as well.  With the addition of lighting, our faith was proclaimed day and night, outside the Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul, part of Prince of Peace Parish, through the work of our winner, Rev. Louis J. Fortier Council #106 in Lewiston.



TITLE: Live Stream Masses

COVID-19 changed the way we participate in Mass, the focus of our Catholic worship.  Many churches started or enhanced the use of audiovisual technology.   This council stepped up its game for this church in its parish.  Knights and family members have been instrumental in keeping livestream masses going at this church, and the multi-camera work and high-quality audio has undoubtedly made a big difference for the church and the congregants of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Windham.  Congratulations to St. Anne’s Council #10221 in Gorham, our winning council, for helping make it happen.


TITLE: Drive-in Masses

Mass is a public event, but COVID-19 has kept people secluded in private spaces.  The priest of one church called upon his knights to help with an outside-the-box solution.  The outdoor church deck was transformed into an altar so Masses could be presented to participants in their private vehicles in the parking lot.  Audio came via an FM transmitter.  Knights also helped with logistics.  Through this effort, parishioners were able to participate in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in Gorham at St. Anne’s church, with the active help of St. Anne’s Council # 10221, Gorham.



Supreme Award – Faith

TITLE: Seminarians -24th Annual H.O. Bouchard Memorial
Golf Tournament Fundraiser

The chairman of the council’s annual golf tournament in August was determined to provide seminarian support, despite COVID-19.  Safety planning was extensive, with extra precautions all around.  As contributors and golfers saw this tremendous safety effort, enthusiasm grew.  The business community donated, and several brothers contributed individually.  Golfers were eager!  $10,000 was raised through the event.  Proceeds went to eight different seminarians, the diocesan vocations effort and other council charities.  Take that, COVID-19!  You met your match with Pine Cone Council #114, the winner of this year’s Supreme Award in the faith category.


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