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2020-21 Life Awards

Life Winner A-New program idea and a baked bean supper

One of our council members came up with a new concept to help promote life.  We formed a committee to discuss this exciting new idea. After thoughtful prayer and lots of brainstorming, our council came up with a logo, prayer cards and a pin. We even trade marked the logo!

In order to raise funds to make these items a reality we held a drive through baked bean supper. 150 hours with 10 knights and 2 wives we raised $1426.00 to kick start this program.

This new project is called I SURVIVED NINE and highlights the peril some unborn children are in.  With the monies earned this  program is off to a great start! We hope to get the I SURVIVED NINE important message out to the public.

Bobbie and I are pleased to announce the Division A winner this year is 10019-Lewiston.

Life Winner A—March around the Church

Because of the COVID pandemic restrictions, we could not attend the Rally in Washington or Augusta, so we took matters into our own hands!

With permission from our pastor, 20 Knights and 30 community members, walked around our church, many with posters. Some participants stayed in their cars to show their support. We gave out carnations to all who participated and placed 48 carnations at the memorial to unborn children. Our church bell rung 48 times to commemorate the years since abortion was legalized.

Bobbie and I are pleased to announce the Division A winner this year is 13861-Sanford.


Life Winner B—Right to Life-40 days for Life

60 people peacefully prayed in front of the Planned Parenthood clinic in our service area for forty days from September 26 through October 31, 2020. Five knights and 60 persons total participated in this event.

By praying in public we made people going to the clinic aware of other options to abortion. We hope that our public show of support for life and our prayers made a difference to the patients entering the clinic.

Bobbie and I are pleased to announce that the Division B winner this year is council 10221-Gorham

Life Winner B -Council and parish Novena for life

Because of COVID restrictions our council decided to hold the Novena for Life Rosary both online and privately in our homes

Ten council brothers and twenty family members committed to the nine days of prayers for the protection of life.

Members could sign up at our parish web site. The nine day prayers and mysteries were provided, as well as Rosaries to whom ever needed them

This prayerful time was a great success and we hope to hold this live next year.

Bobbie and I are pleased to announce that the Division B winner this year is Council 15791-Falmouth


Life Supreme Winner—The Annual Walk for Life

Our annual walk for life had to be changed this year because of COVID restrictions. Our council decided to host a virtual walk! We advertised through church bulletins, signage and word of mouth to encourage participants to have a virtual walk for life.

The turn out was more than we could have anticipated. Our council had participants across three towns in our service area,  walking separately or in groups.Our council collected money both from individuals and local businesses.

The total donations amounted to $7500, which was more than double last years donations. Of the $7500 collected, $6000 will go to the Alpha Pregnancy Resource Center for their ultrasound operating expenses. $500 will go to the Ester Residence, which aids women recovering from addiction or who have been recently released from prison. $500 will go to the Courage Lives center, which aids survivors of sex trafficking. Finally, $500 will go to Vitea Society Maine to continue to distribute Pro-life messages on the internet and on TV.
Bobbie and I would like to announce that the Supreme Life winner this year is council 12941 Biddeford


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