July State Deputy Message

July State Deputy Message

July is the start of the new fraternal year and it is also the start of my second year as your State Deputy.  Although each day that passes will be one step closer to the end of my tenure, each day is also an opportunity to inspire and be inspired; to motivate and be motivated; and to engage and be engaged; of all the wondrous works of the Knight of Columbus through our Faith in Action Programs of Faith, Family, Community and Life.

We conducted our State Staff Summer Workshop in Bangor on 29 June and thanks again to Pine Cone Council 114 of Bangor for being such a gracious host with the use of the Church Hall and preparing a breakfast and lunch meal for the 30+ brother Knights in attendance.

It is unfortunate that some of our local councils will take the summer off, but many of you continue to meet, recruit, engage, and retain your members throughout the months of July and August.  It is imperative that we start out the new fraternal year in a positive manner.  We are a 365 day a year fraternal organization and in the case of this year, make that 366.

Each day and each event is an opportunity to recruit a new member.   Wear your “colors” and show how proud you are to be a Knight of Columbus.  Do so when attending Mass, a ballgame, a picnic, a social, etc.  These are opportunities to meet someone new or reunite with an old friend, strike up a conversation, and before you know it, someone is talking about how they can be a better man, a better Catholic, a better husband, a better father/grandfather, a better uncle.

This is a “God-Moment” where evangelization steps in.  It may be a “tap” on the shoulder, a handshake or a hug that sets the stage.  Either way, we as Knights of Columbus are there to serve our brothers (and sisters), not to be served.

If a Catholic gentleman asks about the Knights of Columbus, don’t whip out a Form 100.  Instead, ask them to check out the website:  www.kofc/joinus and they will discover a legacy of “Faith and Service” with Men who Lead, Men who Protect, Men who Serve, and Men who Defend.   This past year we recruited 20 new members via this online portal.

My wife Lois and I look forward to travelling again this year and we hope we have a chance to visit some new places and re-visit places we have already been; to meet new brothers and sisters in Christ and to rekindle the friendships.

Thank you and God Bless,   Mark Bourgoin



Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in Him. Jeremiah 17:7

I’ll believe it when I see it with my own eyes. If I must see it with my own eyes, then there is no believing involved. Trust consists of not having to see it with any eyes, but rather the feeling in the heart and mind that everything is going to be alright, even if there is no concrete evidence.

We’ve become a nation of “proof-wanters” for almost everything in our lives. New products must prove it can get the stain out. Juries must prove beyond a reasonable doubt. Scientists must prove theories. We don’t seem to trust anyone or in much of anything anymore, much less trust in an all-powerful being.

Over 200 years ago, our founding fathers still trusted in things that cannot necessarily be seen.  It says so on our money. I look around and see so many wonderful things that can only be explained by God’s generosity and desire to take care of me. I trust Him. He’s done a good job so far.

“All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen.”                      ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


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