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Communications – Faith in Action Reporting

June 3, 2019 by Dan LaLonde

Good afternoon Worthies

Some significant changes to the Faith in Action reporting tools occurred this weekend in preparation of the Changeover of the Fraternal Year. Interested SO and FIA Director might want to read in entirety where new information in within.
First, the old Surge Summary has been retired where we no longer have so many categories, and the Maine Judging Year has passed as well. It only served as confusion for some still being there.
It was replaced with the Maine Faith in Action report. This report is significant for the Faith in Action Director and respective Program Directors. This report reflects activity between the dated of March 1 and February 28/29 for the purposes of the Maine Judging/Awarding year.
The remaining reports were modified to constrain reporting between July1 and June 30 to keep them as accurate as possible. Those reports would be the Faith in Action Summary FIA by District Summary, Summary by Hours report, and the Hours by District report.
Active councils/districts may notice significant change in summary data. Maine State Council, being an early/quick adapter of the program,  our councils were reporting appropriately under the new Categories prior to July 1, 2018, and these unrestricted reports included those earlier entries. The reports are now restricted by the dates you see within the headers of those respective summaries.
A critical flaw in the Project Days calculation was discovered during this process. For an unknown reason record processing jumped from #21 to #1122 leaving all reports between those records excluded from Project Days calculations. Therefor the Project Days category gained an appreciable spike form approximately 360 days to 45,350 once corrected and date bound.
These changes prepare us for a quick changeover of the Program Year on July 1. Again, to address a couple of questions regarding reporting and the program year(s)., There is no need to pause reporting for these changes. The reports are managed by program logic rather than physically moving data. Therefor no need to hold back on FIA reporting during a changeover period.
However, now might be a good time for early notice that at some point after July 1, data older than 2018 should be purged to maintain performance and available space. If councils are in need of reports form the beginning of our digital reporting to 6/30/2018, the self help SurgeSearch, also known as Faith in Action Report Lookup, tool is available to search all submitted reports and download the PDF format.
So, to be totally geekish about it all, about 5700 lines of code later, we are ready for changeover July 1 without significant physical, or psychological distress or difficulty. Please feel free to reach out if there are further questions. And also remember – there is always the Faith in Action Blog page so see what all of the other councils are up to.
Vivat Jesus.

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