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Communications Update

January 3, 2019 by Dan LaLonde

As mentioned at the Winter meeting, more resources are now available electronically. Recently added were the new Leadership Resources, District Deputy, Grand Knight, and Financial Secretary guides. Visit and click on the Resources button on the top menu. Within you will find several folders of information, These guides are found in the Resources 2019 folder as the most recent documents.

Also new, our email list is now mature enough that we can address specific groups such as Grand Knights, Staff, and specific councils with one single list. So tailoring our messages to the right people is no far easier. Although that portion is complete—let the maintenance begin. Keeping that list up to date is the next challenge. Stay tunes as this is part of a larger effort—which also means getting those for 185’s  and 365’s in promptly.

In development as we speak—online registration for Convention. 2019, which lays the foundation for other ventures. Currently the Northern Maine Men’s Retreat has online registration available.


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