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Community Director Update

October 2, 2018 by Dan LaLonde

Update: Community Director


As you might know the Knights of Columbus is moving towards the 21st Century, We are now doing Faith in Action ! New Community Faith in Action items are Helping Hands, this is a Mandatory program your council must do to get Star Council. What Helping Hands is designed for councils to take care for the most disadvantaged members of its community. Working at soup kitchen, putting gift cards and mittens in ziplock bags and passing them out in your community, and Work at a homeless Shelter. Coats for kids, Disaster Preparedness ,Catholic Essay Contest, Free Throw Championship , Soccer Challenge, Blood drives, Habitat for Humanity, and The Global Wheelchair Mission are some of the new FAITH IN ACTION PROGRAMS.Any Question just ask me!!

Columbus Day is coming and many Maine Council do their Annual Tootsie Roll Drive. First and Foremost, my goal this year that all 91 councils in that state do a Tootsie Roll Drive sometime this year. It doesn’t have to be done on Columbus Weekend either. You can start small and order 2 cases of Tootsie Rolls from me and do it at all masses at your church for the month, you can do it when its easy for your council. If you don’t want to do traditional way on our website there is sample letter to mail out to businesses and collect money that way. If you need help, just call or email me!! I will help you ! All forms are on state website, under Campaign for program with intellectual disabilities.

As of Oct 1st, here are your councils that are Top 5 in Drive for Campaign for intellectual disabilities

WELLS $14,465.00
BIDDEFORD $2442.50
FALMOUTH $2180.01
RUMFORD $1839.32

Note Wells is using our letter program. Biddeford runs multiple drives, so if you want that FAMOUS PLAQUE AT CONVENTION, Start soon!! Next to Get credit for Faith in Action go on our Website and use the new electronic Faith in Action form. Brothers in closing, Think of this this is our Faith in Action Period!!

Fraternally Yours


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