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Texas Disaster Relief

August 11, 2017 by Dan LaLonde

Worthy State Deputies and fellow Classmates –


Thank you so much for the many of you who have reached out to Texas with prayers and offers of support.  We greatly appreciate the spirit of fraternal charity which drives us all to respond to the needs of Knights, their families and communities.  Know that we are also working closely with Supreme which has been very proactive in working to anticipate the needs we know are coming.


Like several other states, Texas has an active and experienced Disaster Response team.  The most immediate need is for funds to assist with shelter operations, daily food and relief for rescue and recovery workers and volunteers, and then eventually for direct relief of the most pressing of uninsured losses.  Progress can be monitored at our website homepage at www.tkofc.org and also at the Order’s Supreme website at www.kofc.org


Donations may be made to our Disaster Relief Fund at  https://www.tkofc.org/fundrai sing/project/disaster-relief- fund or may be mailed to our State Council office at   6633 Hwy 290 East, Suite 204  Austin, TX  78723.


Please continue to pray for all those affected by the storm, those with significant losses, and those who will volunteer to assist in recovery.  The flooding in the Houston area and others is some of the worst in our history.  God bless them all.

Vivat Jesus!  Viva Cristo Rey!


Douglas E. Oldmixon

Texas State Deputy

Knights of Columbus

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