11th Anniversary of First Friday Rosary for Life




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11th Anniversary of First Friday Rosary for Life


Council: 10020 - No. WINDHAM

Project Description:

The October marked the 11th year of the Council Rosary For Life. The First Friday of each month a group of Knights sometimes accompanied by others starts at 3PM with adoration of the Holy Eucharist and ends at 7:30PM after reciting the Holy Rosary for the protection of life – born and unborn. Some days there are only four Knights, some days there are as many as 15 Knights – but always regardless of the weather or reason a dedicated group of Men and their families take the time to spend before the Altar and the Statue of our Blessed Mother to ask for her intercession on behalf of those who’s life is threatened by abortion or assisted suicide. The concluding prayer is always one that was presented to the United States by Saint Pope John Paul II in Denver Colorado in 1987 and rings true today – the prayer is for the protection of life in all it’s phases and for peace and justice through out the world. Through prayer and good works abortions in the State of Maine are down 28% in the State of Maine from 2013. This makes all those cold winter nights and long times of interceding worth the time and efforts of the Knights. Our Council challenges all the Councils in Maine to conduct a Rosary For Life once a month – a copy of the Rosary we use is attached.

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