12th Annual Paul Cormier Memorial Blood Drive




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12th Annual Paul Cormier Memorial Blood Drive


Council: 114 - BANGOR

Project Description:

There is an ongoing shortage of blood, to be used in medical emergencies and treatment. Bangor’s Council 114 has started sponsoring twice-yearly American Red Cross Blood Drives, at St Mary’s Catholic Church hall, 768 Ohio St, Bangor, ME 04401. The event has become a staple, in the parish, and multiple parishioners had asked for the date, in anticipation of donating. The parish office and Monseigneur Dubois are very supportive, and crucial to the blood drive’s success. The blood drive was announced in the St Paul the Apostle Parish Bulletin two and one weeks prior to the event, and Knights were at all 8 masses on the weekend prior to the 11/19/22 blood drive, seeking in-person sign-ups. Many parishioners also signed up on-line at redcrossblood.org.
Saturday morning, 11/19/22, started at 7:00 with Knights helping to set up for the blood drive. Knights helped with registration, escorting, food distribution, and clean-up throughout the drive… until the doors closed at 3:00 pm. Masking was not required (although several people did still use masks), but social distancing and infection control were emphasized, as part of Covid and Universal Precautions.
Enthusiasm for the life supporting role of the blood drive was evident throughout the day. Germaine Cormier, wife of our deceased Brother, Paul Cormier, in whose memory this blood drive is held, visited the drive again this year, and she brought in some tasty sweets.
Council 114’s blood drive hit a new record, with 46 units of blood, enough to save 92 lives. Our cumulative total is 395 units, which has the potential to save up to 790 lives! Our success was announced, and sincere thanks voiced, when the results were announced at the 07:00 and 08:30 masses at St Mary’s Church on 11/20/22!

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