2019 Retention Team Efforts. 15791




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2019 Retention Team Efforts. 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

Six Council Officers worked together as a team in our private homes and Parish Worship Sites from February 1 threw March 30, 2019 to help our Council Financial Secretary close out the collection of dues from nine of our council members. In order to keep our membership numbers up we spent at least 30 hours of making phone calls, sending emails, and making personal contact with nine members who were delinquent in paying their 2019 council dues. It was unfortunate that we were unable to get one member to pay his dues. Recruiting is very important for each council in our state, just like retention is very important. Since our Formation in 2013 we have moved ahead as this council’s Retention Team in maintaining a solid roster, and a pretty active membership. We are in hopes that 2019-2020 will be a stronger year in recruiting, and our membership will consider paying their membership dues promptly.

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