A Helping Hands Request For Help. 15791




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A Helping Hands Request For Help. 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

Seven council brothers, one of our parish Priests , our resident Deacon and one of the Boy Scout Leaders in our Parish took the lead in helping an elderly lady with her living conditions. Location was a private home in Gray, to her new home in Old Orchard Beach. The time noted covers the whole project which ran from September 23, 2019 to October 5, 2019. On September 23, 2019 a call came in to one of our priests and our deacon stating that a request for help had come in from Catholic Charities of a Gray resident in need of help. Once our Grand Knight was contacted he started the wheels turning, to find out what the Knights were being asked to take the lead on. Our Grand Knight met with several of the council members to see who would be available to help with this request. After thinking on it our Grand Knight stepped up and purchased a new bed and box spring for this lady. Also one of our council members donated a couch. The reason for the need of a replacement bed and couch is because her current bed and sofa was infested with mice. We also learned that this lady was going to be evicted from her apartment because the building she was living in was being condemned. The property owner had no intension on cleaning and fixing her apartment or the building. A very sad situation. The Grand Knight reached out to one of the council brothers who works at a local hardware store for boxes, which he was able to supply for the move. All the items were stored until Saturday October 5, 2019 when a work detail of four council brothers, and the boy scout leader gathered and loaded up all the furniture, packed some boxes and also loaded them into a truck for transport to the ladies bright new apartment in Old Orchard Beach. From the time we started loading and packing the time ran from 8 AM to completion about 4 PM. Total man hours in planning, packing, loading, and unloading came to 92 knight volunteer hours on this “Helping Hands” project, and 10 hours from the Parish Boy Scout Leader and one of the Priests. At this months meeting it was proposed that the council picks up the tab on the cost of the bed which came to $375.00. It was approved by the council to do so. What a great project this was, in Helping a Needy Lady in her time of need, and responding in a positive way to the Catholic Charities, and our Social Justice and Peace request. GOD was truly with us today, especially this elderly lady in need.

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