A trip to remember “Sacremental Gift of Himself”




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A trip to remember "Sacremental Gift of Himself"


Council: 9782 - WELLS

Project Description:

Fr. Armand Neault, a well loved retired priest who was a patient at St. Andre Health care facility in Biddeford; received news that his brother had passed away. Unable to find transportation and wishing to attend his bother’s funeral, our Pastor asked a member of our council if he could provide transportation for Fr. Neault, his lifelong caretaker Vivian, and a registered nurse Sister Pat, a Good Shepard Sister who was also an employee at the Health care facility. Without hesitation, on August 19th our member travelled to St. Andre to pick up his appreciative passengers and headed to St. Augustine Church in Augusta for the Funeral. Our member caringly wheeled Fr. Neault, escorted by Sister Pat and his caretaker Vivian into the rectory; and greeted by the Pastor Fr. John Skehan who engaged in good memories of the past prior to the service. At the appropriate time our member wheeled Fr. Neault to the alter where he concelebrated the funeral mass with Fr. John. Our member then wheeled Fr. Neault down in front of the alter to be beside the Urn his brother’s remains during the final prayers and blessing of incense. After the Service our Member then followed the funeral party to the Maine State Veterans Cemetery for the burial service. Our member then brought Fr. Neault to the reception where he shared memories with many of his family members. On the way back to St. Andre, Fr. Neault continued to comment how happy he was to be able to celebrate mass for the last time for his brother. Our member continued to visit Fr. Neault on a weekly basis while also visiting his mother-in-law and the wife of a council member and while there, Fr. Neault continued to thank him for giving him the opportunity to be at his brother’s funeral. Unfortunately on October 26, Fr. Neault passed away but our member noted how fortunate he was to have been asked to provide transportation for Fr. Neault because for both Fr. Neault and our member, this was the best Sacramental gift Fr. Neault could offer his brother and for both Fr. Neault and our member a “trip to remember”.

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