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Council: 334 - AUGUSTA

Project Description:

AARP meets each Tuesday at the Maine State Library for Tuesdays At The State House (TASH.) The group size varies from week to week but close to 70 people have attended fairly regularly. Speakers present information on a number of topics pertinent to the well being of seniors. Books have been discussed and letters to Legislators have been written.

I along with other attendees have visited the Senate and House along with the Hall Of Flags where we can observe proceedings and programs. We also can interact with members of the Legislature. Our presence is noticed by our representatives.

The program usually begins in January and ends in June with a luncheon. The actual time that I put into this volunteer activity was 38 hours and 35 minutes. I placed March 5th as the start date since I previously did a report up to March in order to comply with the March reporting due date. This report is a continuation of the activity from March to June.

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