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ABBA Baby Bottle Drive


Council: 101 - PORTLAND

Project Description:

Council 101 at St. Pius X church worked with Council 11257 at St. Joseph’s church (which make up Our Lady of Hope Parish in Portland) to raise $1848 for ABBA, a women’s resource center for pregnant women located in Portland, Maine. Of this money collected, $200 was from a donation from the Knights of Columbus Father Sebastion Rasle Assembly 337. The Baby Bottle Drive was held at each mass in our parish for each weekend from January 11th/12th through Feb 1st/2nd of this year. Many thanks to Bob Laliberte of council 101 for organizing this important fund raiser for ABBA. Of the 100 bottles handed out, 73 were returned. The 27 bottles that were not returned would have cost ABBA $5 each, but this cost was covered by Bob at his own expense. Also, thanks go to Assembly 337 for their generous donation and to Council 11257 for all the money they raised.

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