Advent Small Groups Faith Sharing. 15791




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Advent Small Groups Faith Sharing. 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

This year we had six brother knights participate in the Advent Small Groups Faith Sharing Sessions. These sessions were held both at the above churches and in private homes. These sessions took place during the months of November and December. As Catholics, we are called every Advent to prepare a place in our lives for Jesus to dwell. During this Advent Season we took up this Advent of the Heart, so we would be fully ready to welcome the Lord at Christmas. These Advent Programs have helped us to prepare for the coming of Jesus.We used study material, a video Gospel reflections, and a weekly journal, which provided everything we needed to fully prepare ourselves for the upcoming Sunday Mass: the Scripture Readings, and Daily Reflections. Additional study materials were available from the Parish Web site and were very helpful. What a Blessed way to celebrate this 2018 Advent Season learning about our Faith and its’ teachings.

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