African Mass and Reception



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African Mass and Reception


Council: 2219 - WESTBROOK

Project Description:

Over the past couple years, Council 2219 and St. Anthony’s Parish experienced a substantial increase in African membership. To welcome and recognize our new members and new parishioners, Council 2219 received approval for and sponsored an African Mass at St. Anthony’s Parish followed by a reception in the Parish Hall with African specialty foods. The 20 member African Choir, which included members of our Council, met weekly at St. Anthony’s from May until August to rehearse and prepare for this special Mass. Fr. Bressette, the retired St. Anthony Priest, and the Grand Knight oversaw the rehearsals and helped to prepare the parishioners for this special Mass. The African Mass and reception was held on Sunday, July 28 with nearly 400 in attendance (the usual Sunday attendance averages around 230). The African Mass nearly doubled the Sunday attendance. The Mass was very enthusiastic, joyful and moving and the songs for the Celebration were in the native African languages. The large Parish Hall was full with parishioners sampling the African food and enjoying each others company and the Parish community. This was truly an event uniting all parishioners in a joyful way. Council 2219 sponsored the event, the purchase of food and beverages for the reception as well as the African chef who prepared the food with Council members as her sous chefs. In all, nearly 40 Knights were called into service for roles such as ushers to handle the crowd during the Mass and to assist with handling the food service and cleanup in the Parish Hall.

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