Altar Server Festival 2018. 15791




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Altar Server Festival 2018. 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

Our son who is an altar server along with my wife and I, two other altar servers, one council member and our Seminarian who is a member of our council joined us in participating in the 3rd Annual Altar Server Festival at Saint Mary of Assumption Church, in Augusta on Sunday August 19, 2018. We arrived around 1:00 PM so we could find a good place to park, and to be sure we were on time for the 2 PM Mass which was led by Bishop Robert Deeley. The afternoon was a very fun filled afternoon for all. There were plenty of games for the Altar Servers and a great Family Barbecue which was provided by the local knights council. Our Seminarian enjoyed himself very much. As we headed home later in the day a couple of the altar servers mentioned how much fun they had with the other Altar Server’s. Thanks to our LORD, this event was a very Blessed and Fun filled day.

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