Assisting a Brother Knight in Need




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Assisting a Brother Knight in Need


Council: 13181 - SABATTUS

Project Description:

Brother Knight and Past Deputy Grand Knight of our Council Norm Provencher has been bravely battling leukemia for the past 2 years. As anyone who has had a loved one battling cancer knows, the impact that the disease has is significant and involves not only the afflicted individual, but their friends and family and their entire way of life is up-ended. Brother Norm has always been an extremely engaged and active Knight, selflessly giving to our Council, the church and the community. It is only fitting that he receive as much help as possible during his time of need.

Brother Knights James Ingalls and Bob Desbiens have taken the lead on making sure things ran smoothly at the Provencher house – both while he was away in Boston for treatment, or home recovering. They would check on Norm and his wife, Jan periodically, pick up his trash and deliver it to the dump, and perform any other tasks that needed to be done.

The Council also donated funds to Brother Norm in excess of $500 to help pay for a thorough cleaning of his house so that he could recuperate there – the cleaning was needed because of his depleted immune system. The funds were also used to help offset some of the fuel costs for driving back and forth to Boston for treatment.

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