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Assiting neighbors


Council: 2465 - FARMINGTON

Project Description:

After the snowstorm, two of our neighbors needed assistance. Both live on our road, which is rural, non-paved and not easily accessible. One neighbor, Jack, has his arm in a sling and was unable to remove snow from around his mailbox and walkway. He had already made a path from his house, after the last storm I told him to call. My wife and I assisted him in blowing snow from the end of the path to the mailbox, removed snow from around the mailbox.

The other neighbor, Robin and Will, live down the road from our house. Will was out of town and had wood delivered on the day he left. Robin and Will heat their house totally with wood. The wood was delivered and dumped 20 feet from where they store their wood on the porch. Karen and I knew of the delivery and went to assist her with taking wood from the pile to the house. We assisted her to move about 3/4 of the cord of wood delivered.

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