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In Service to One, In Service to All
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Council: 334 - AUGUSTA

Project Description:

I have been a volunteer driver for the Augusta Food Bank for the past several years. My duties included picking up food that was donated by large chain stores on a weekly basis. I also picked up food from various agencies and businesses that held food drives. Another duty required me to weigh the various food items by categories when I unloaded the van at the Food Center. I then would assist the staff in storing the items.
I was responsible for delivering food to the Cony Community Cupboard at Cony H.S. This is a program that feeds students in need especially from the elementary schools. All of these duties are labor intensive.
The actual hours I put into this project is 34 hours and 55 minutes. I suffered a massive torn rotator cuff this past year and therefore I had a break in my year of service. I had to stop my volunteering on April 19, 2018 and wasn’t able to resume until January 10, 2019. I used to volunteer on multiple days in the past but since my return I am just servicing the Cony Cupboard on Thursday afternoons and once have assisted with a store pickup. The end date reflects the March report requirement. As I get stronger I’ll attempt to put in more time on this worthwhile project.

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