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Baby Bottle Boomerang - Supporting Mother Seton House


Council: 10020 - No. WINDHAM

Project Description:

To introduce this year’s Baby Bottle Boomerang in support of Mother Seton House (MSH) in Fryeburg who better than the wife of a Brother who has five children and three grandchildren. This woman is able to speak from the heart understanding the work and effort, tears and laughter, toils and joys of raising children. She introduced our revamped Baby Bottle Boomerang and because of her efforts through out we conducted the largest effort in our Council history.

Our Council has always supported MSH however our Baby Bottle drive was falling short the last few years. Several members of the Council discussed the situation and found ways of improving the outcome. We obtained 100 bottles from MSH and numbered them all. A spreadsheet was created with the bottle number on it and the name and contact information for the person who was taking the bottle.

The week before the drive began a flyer was inserted into the weekly bulletin by two Brothers. The flyer was designed by one of the Brothers who worked on the new approach. Information was put on the Parish website and Facebook page by a Brother who manages both.

The wife who spoke and her husband set up a display in the Narthex designed to draw attention to the program with a small wicker cradle donated by a parishioner, baby blankets, some booties, the newsletter for MSH, a large poster from the flyer, the spreadsheet and of course the numbered bottles. Over the next six weeks this Brother and his wife as well as another Brother staffed the station in the Narthex. In all 94 bottles were distributed. The station was staffed at all three weekend Masses for the entire period – a great testament to the importance of life.

Donations starting coming back almost immediately as Parishioners begin emptying their coins into the bottle. In the flyer a goal of $2,000 was set – the Brothers were nervous about setting the bar too high. The previous year only $350 has been collected. Seeing the early bottles come in Brothers were encouraged that we would get a good amount.

A reminder email was sent to those who had not yet returned bottles as the final date of June 30th approached and the last week almost all the remaining bottles came in. All of the bottles were emptied by Brothers including the Council Treasurer. The coins were taken to the Council’s bank where they counted them for the Council at no charge in support of this project.

Because of the dedication of a loving mother and several dedicated Brothers we blew away our goal collecting $2236 for MSH. The following week several Brothers presented the director of MSH with the proceeds of the Baby Bottle Boomerang and she was overwhelmed at the generosity and hard work. Council 10020 is committed to “Changing Hearts, Saving Lives”

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