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Baby Packet Project


Council: 10221 - GORHAM

Project Description:

Our council Life Director Andy Levesque has developed a small packet containing items that would be given to people interested in the development of a fetus from conception to birth.
The packets were originally designed to educate pregnant women when they contemplate abortion as a source of available services they could call upon in their time of crisis.
The packets have now become a learning tool to students and adults, who for years were taught that the fetus was a mere clump of cells.
The packets are assembled at a local Catholic Book Store (The Abbey in Scarborough, Maine) by a team comprised by Andy Levesque, Yvonne Johnson, her daughters Alexandra and Samantha, and friend Shirley Estabrooks.
Each packet contains a small rubberized example of a 10 week old fetus, a brochure highlighting the development of a fetus from conception to birth, several cards detailing where crisis clinics are located, information on the abortion reversal pill, and information to support post-abortive women as they find healing after the trauma of having an abortion.

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