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Baked Bean Drive-thru - I Survived 9


Council: 10019 - LEWISTON

Project Description:

Brother Gordon Davis, a member of Holy Family Council 10019, introduced a new project idea to help promote pro-life, he calls it “I Survived 9”. When he spoke of this idea to some of the other members he was encouraged to form a committee to help him polish and develop it into a viable program effort. The committee came together over several meetings to brainstorm a course of action. It was decided that designing a lapel pin and formulating an original prayer to be placed on the back of a prayer card, with the front depicting the I Survived 9 logo, would be a great way to get the message out to the public.
The next hurtle would be to generate the required funds get the pins and cards ordered. The idea of serving a public baked bean supper seemed to be feasible, even in these covid19 times, and so a drive-thru baked bean and ham supper was scheduled. With the permission and blessing from our good pastor Fr. Daniel Greenleaf, in front of the church rectory, a large white tent was setup as our serving area/pickup point. The date was November 21st and the weather cooperated and so did the Sabattus St. traffic which brought many new customers for a great meal. We served beans, ham, coleslaw, rolls and cake, in take-out covered trays, from 4 PM until 6:30 PM.
A total of 115 hours from 10 members and two wives combined to make the supper very successful, grossing just over $1,426.00. In the following weeks we continued the receive favorable comments and donations. At the end of the day remaining food was donated to the Hope Haven shelter in Lewiston, feeding homeless victims of poverty.

Ray Laplume

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