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Bakery Sales


Council: 12941 - BIDDEFORD

Project Description:

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Together 4 months ago we as brothers embarked on a new charity adventure. The Mini Pie Sales and this was a true Charity/Unity/Fraternity project. Here are the # ‘s.
1. Gross take was $1,348.83
2. Total expenses $431.23 with a net of $917.60
3. 454 Mini Pies where made.
A. Apple—————————————- 67———-Sold out
B. Blueberry Pie—————————— 72———-Sold out
C. Raisin Pie———————————– 65———-12 Left
D. Lemon Pie———————————- 57———-Sold out
E. Chocolate Cream Pie——————– 57———-Sold out
F. Strawberry Rhubarb Pie—————–136——–18 left
4. Points for Sales and donations
A. Saco Farmers Market 21 pies sold @ $.400 Ea.——————————- $84.00
• St. Joseph Church 8 am and 11 am Mass Donations@———————- $ 425.00
• Most Holy Trinity Church 4pm, 8:30am and 11am Donations @-$——–$ 839.83
5. Thank you to the following who where involved in the preparation leading to the Sale:
A. Denis & Debbie Litalien, Paula Bedard, Cindy Landry, David & Micheline McDonald, Bob Cyr, David Gagnon, Gerry Letellier,
Rejeanne Booth and Guy Cadorette,
6. Thank you to the following who were at the point sale of contact:
A. David Gagnon, Cory Labrie, Denis Litalien, Dennis & Gisele Roy, Margaret Darigan, Rejean & Lewis Booth, Ray Hallczuk, Don Jordon, Ken Greenleaf, Guy Cadorette, David Pendleton, Gerry Letellier, Don Maurice and Adrien Picard Robert Fournier
7. For all those whom I forget please forgive me.
8. 131 total manhours.

Vivat Jesus
Daniel Bedard

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