Baptismal Rose / Rosary Ceremonies. 15791




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Baptismal Rose / Rosary Ceremonies. 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

For the fourth year now, twelve of our council brothers have supported the Baptismal Rose / Rosary Team. Since September 2014 twelve council brothers and six wives have participated in this most Blessed Program from our council. With the leadership from our resident Deacon, the council continues to keep busy with this program. Our group has been very pleased on how this has worked out and have been honored to have been a very special part of this Blessed Ceremony. The Families and God Parents who we have made presentations to, have been very pleased and surprised, to have been recognized by the Knights of Columbus. We are in hopes that as the word gets out of our success, that in the coming year we will be lucky to have picked up another Knight or two with their wives to help with this program, and with some additional luck we may even pick-up a new member or two for our council and Order. Our goal is to have two teams at each Worship site in the months to come.

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