Batteries for an On-The-Go Elderly Person




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Batteries for an On-The-Go Elderly Person


Council: 114 - BANGOR

Project Description:

A request was received for financial support for an Elderly lady, who’s only transportation is a powered wheelchair, in need of new batteries. This lady was brought into the Catholic Faith by a Brother Knight Terry Hannan and his wife Cozy last year, the lady who would be in her wheelchair on on the street, desired to be part of the Catholic Faith so that she could go into the Church and pray along with all those she seen come and go. Cozy and Terry made her desires come to life, they saw to it that she got to the RCIA meetings, and they sponsored her all the way through. Now, her powered transportation ended with dead batteries, this transportation is her freedom in this world, and the Hannan’s got right after obtaining funds from the Parish, persona dn the Knights.

The Knights held a 50/50 raffle, raising $125.00, along with others they raised the $400.00 necessary to purchase batteries and as of today 03/07/19, this lady Thelma is once again up and getting around on her Powered Wheelchair.

Thanks to he sponsors and her case worker. Awesome out pouring of faith, love humanity, and life to an otherwise sedentary resident.

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