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Council: 13861 - SANFORD

Project Description:

A charter member of our council was contacted to see what he could do to raise funds for the families and businesses in western Kentucky whose homes were devastated by tornadoes on December 10th. After much planning and innovation and the help of many friends, RJ decided that he would use the donations of bourbon and other related items from the Kentucky Distillers Association, businesses affected by the tornadoes, and others to hold both a silent auction and a live auction virtually. The auctions would be held over the course of six days. Using various social media and personal contacts, they orchestrated a silent auction all day Friday and obtained more than one million dollars in donations from throughout the United States by that Sunday. The following Tuesday, he opened the website at 7pm to online bidding for the remaining treasures. By the end of the evening, they had raised more than two million dollars. The website also accepted monetary donations from others who did not participate in the auctions. Our council and the local That Man is You Group donated several hundred dollars to the cause. Over 5000 people participated in the event. On January 11th, RJ drove to Kentucky to personally present the Governor with a check for three million four hundred thousand dollars to be used to assist those devastated by the tornadoes to help rebuild their lives, clearly leaving no neighbor behind. When asked why he got so involved in this fundraiser, RJ said that his dad taught him that charity gives joy to both those in need as well as the giver. Clearly a project worthy of note and hope.

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