Building the Domestic Church Kiosk




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Building the Domestic Church Kiosk


Council: 680 - MILLINOCKET

Project Description:

Members of Council 680, at their September meeting, decided to participate in the Building the Domestic Church Kiosk project by purchasing two kiosks, one for St. Martin’s in Millinocket and one for St. Peter’s in East Millinocket. The purpose was to participate in the “Building the Domestic Church” initiative being promoted by Supreme in order to provide religious educational material to all Catholics. Working with our Parish Priest, we outlined the project, sought approval for the location of each kiosk, promoted the project to parishioners in the Church bulletin and at a presentation at each Mass. Members of Council 680 were assigned to check on the kiosks on a weekly basis to order new material when necessary. The project will continue throughout the fraternal year.

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