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Carpet Cleaning Church Hall


Council: 114 - BANGOR

Project Description:

Two Brother Knights, Bob Foley and Dale Plourde attended a KofC event at St. Teresa’s Hall Conference Room on April 24th, each of them thought that the floor looked terrible, they asked if they could clean the carpets, and by golly they did!

On Monday morning on April 27th Bob and Dale cleared the room of conference tables and chairs and other furnishings, then they vacuumed the carpet, pulled up a section of a second layer of carpet that was in a high traffic area as the sink, refrigerator and cabinets were located.

Then the fun began, they shampooed the entire conference room carpeted floor, the following day they vacuumed it again, and decided the entire carpet area needed to be done again as it had been stained in a few places.

On Tuesday, they vacuumed it one more time, and returned the furniture to it’s rightful place.

“Knights” In Action, that’s these two Brother knights.

A JOB very well done, and most appreciated by the building manager who stopped by, and myself -GK, 114.

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