Celebrating 150 Years St. Mary’s Catholic Church




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Celebrating 150 Years St. Mary's Catholic Church


Council: 114 - BANGOR

Project Description:

Msgr. Andrew Dubois announced that St. Mary’s Church would be 150 years old here in Bangor on September 15th, 2022, Brother Knight and Susan Shaw put their heads together and proposed a celebration after the 8:30 AM Mass on September 11th to acknowledge the date and opportunity to have fellowship with it’s parishioners. Msgr. approved the celebration and the Knights did the set-up, purchased the drinks and were on hand to help with be present and available if anything was needed. Susan Shaw and some parishioners baked finger foods, provided cut flowers for the tables, handed out flowers to parishioners, Mass and Prayer Cards as well, along with Rosary beads.

One of the ladies dressed up a table in the Annex, placed photo albums of the old St. Mary’s Church, it had burned down, and the new church photos. The display was a center piece of rememberance for the flock.

On another table another parishioners had did a devotional to Mary, and had booklets, pray cards available, another nice idea from a parishioner.

The whole event was set-up out of doors, under the protection of tall trees to block the morning sun, and parishioners had a wonderful atmosphere to drink their beverages and eat their food items. The whole setting was wonderfully done and most appreciated by the congregation at large.

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