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Chapel Restoration


Council: 9782 - WELLS

Project Description:

On Saturday February 15th, a water pipe within the walls of our church chapel suddenly burst sending water spraying throughout our chapel, into the hallway and then flowing into the church Narthex. Three members of our council,jumped into action securing the water supply and started the necessary mop-up to prevent further damage to the walls and flooring. A local plumber was called in to repair the damaged section of piping. Once the plumbing repairs were completed, a K of C member from the Old Orchard Beach council, who specializes in Drywall installation and repair arrived and donated his time removing the damaged sections of the walls, reinstalled new drywall and restored the walls back to its pristine condition. As of this writing, drywall repairs have been completed and our members are overseeing the painting the walls. The quick action of our members along with the charitable cooperation of a neighboring brother knight, prevented further damage to our church facility, expertly restored the chapel walls and allowed our parishioners to once again to use our chapel to sit and pray giving thanks to our Lord.

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