Chicken BBQ and 50/50




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Chicken BBQ and 50/50


Council: 2091 - RUMFORD

Project Description:

10/03/2020 was the prep day for the chicken BBQ, We had a kitchen crew who peeled 60lbs. of potatoes cut them and cooked the for potato salad, we had a crew who prepared 160 chicken halves with BBQ sauce and baked them for twenty minutes. We had a person boiling eggs for the salad, bagging pickles, and snacks.
10/04/2020 the day of the BBQ set up 4 grills cooked to cook 160 chicken halves, had crew take chicken from grills to the kitchen were they would assemble the meal and bag it bring it to the parking lot where the person was waiting in there car to pick it up. At all times social distancing and face masks were worn. We even had traffic control.

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