Chicken Pie Supper




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Chicken Pie Supper


Council: 2851 - LIMESTONE

Project Description:

The Ladies of St. Anne with assistance from the Knights of Columbus helped prepare, cook, package and deliver via a drive through dinner meals that served 175 church and community members. 77 pounds of chicken was cooked and shredded, 1125 pounds of potatoes were peeled, cut and cooked, then mashed, and 25 pounds each of carrots and green beans was also cooked and served. 10 gallons of gravy along with containers of additional gravy, cranberry sauce and a roll with butter made up the dinner that cost $10 per serving. The knights carried the large sheet pans of pie and mashed the potatoes, along with “expediting” the food between the kitchen ad the serving line. Two left over pans of pie were purchased by the Knights for their their upcoming Dinner Meeting along with left over vegetables. Approximately $1.600 was raised with an estimated $1,300 being clear profit. The monies raised will be used to help with the Renovation Fund of the Church that is undergoing a complete replacement of every window.

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