Chili Chowder Cook Off – Helping Assembly 3215




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Chili Chowder Cook Off - Helping Assembly 3215


Council: 11376 - BRIDGTON-FRYEBURG

Project Description:

Raising money for our local Assembly can be difficult to do as well as being sensitive to not overcrowd the individual
Councils activities. For the third year two of the three Councils who make up the majority of the Assembly held a Chili
/ Chowder Cook-Off. In total there are 74 members of the Assembly. A committee was formed and 12 Sir Knights
worked together to advertise, organize, set-up and clean-up this activity on behalf of the Assembly. The profits from
the Cook-Off are earmarked to support a Seminarian studying to serve the Diocese of Portland.
Flyer’s were inserted in Church bulletins and notices place in local newspapers inviting home cooks to enter the
Cook-Off challenge. In all, 15 entrants responded and all were home cooks.
The event was held in Windham at the Church Hall of one of the Councils in the Assembly. Sir Knights gathered to set
up the hall, shop for supplies and prepare for the event. The day of the event 12 Sir Knights worked with the entrants
to get them ready to compete. As people came in and paid a small admission fee they were handed a ballot. People
could try as many of 15 chili’s and chowders as they wanted (or dared). They were asked to rank their top three
choices in each category. A 50/50 drawing was also available for participation. As the even drew to a close the
organizing committee tallied the ballots and announced the top three entrants in each category. The first place
winner received an engraved plaque and a year’s worth of bragging rights for having the Lake Region’s Best Chili or
The Assembly, assisted by the Councils, was able to donate $500 to one of the Seminarians. The event was well
attended and a creative way of raising awareness and support of our Seminarians.

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