Christmas Gifts for the Veterans at Togus. 2018 15791




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Christmas Gifts for the Veterans at Togus. 2018 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

One of our council brothers along with the Parish Spirituality Group, and the Youth Ministry Classes once again this year took time this year to design and assemble 100 Christmas Cards for the Veterans at Togus. This work took place at the four church locations. Also for the last five years our council has gone out and purchased 100 calendars for the Veterans of Togus. Because of holiday scheduling and travel, we were not able to present these gifts to the Veterans in person. So our Deputy Grand Knight volunteered to pick-up the Christmas Cards, and Calendars and brought them to the UPS store for mailing to the Voluntary Services Office at the Togus Facility. We are hoping that all will enjoy their gifts, and we look forward to working with the Parish Spirituality Group once again in 2019.

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