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Church Equipment Support and Donation


Council: 9782 - WELLS

Project Description:

St. Mary’s Church in Wells was founded in 1970. As time went on, the conditions of many of the well used equipment needed replacement or repair. Some of our members noticed that our Church Hall Stove as well as our warming oven was not operating properly and after inspecting the equipment it was decided that they needed to be replaced. Our council decided that because of the many times we use these items that we would help financially to purchase these new items. Our council voted to fully purchase the warming oven at a cost of $2000.00 and donated $1500.00 to the finance committee towards the purchase for the new Church Hall stove. One of our members was also able to get a substantial donation from the Wells Music Boosters who uses the stove for their annual turkey dinners towards the purchase of the stove. But our council didn’t stop there. We also donated $700.00 for the purchase and installation of an outdoor light for the church flagpole and finally our council voted to donated $3000.00 for the installation of a new electrical circuit and breaker assembly for our Church Parking lot lights.
These donations could only have been possible by the support, hard work and charitable giving our patrons at our annual 2 cent sale, and anonymous donations by church parishioners who recognize the great works accomplished by the Knights of Columbus.

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