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Church support


Council: 9782 - WELLS

Project Description:

Our council has been extremely fortunate due to the excellent support of not only our current Pastor but of the Pastors of years past. We have been blessed with a perfect meeting place, continuous usage of the church hall kitchen and support from our Pastoral council. Our council has also been blessed by the generosity of everyone who attends our functions which enables us to do all the charitable works that becomes available. A couple examples of simple works of charity made possible were the new fresh stripping needed on our front and rear parking lots. A small group of our members along with a local contractor restriped all the parking spaces as well as restriping all the handicap parking areas to meet the new State directional parking requirements for handicap parking. This was all done at no cost to the church. Another more simpler event was our donation of $270.00 for a new Bunn coffee maker for our Church hall kitchen at a cost. These projects not only allows the church to channel its funds for supporting the mission of the church but gives testament that the Knights of Columbus is in fact the right hand of the church.

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