Clean and Stain the handicap ramp at St. Joseph’s Church, Portland



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Clean and Stain the handicap ramp at St. Joseph's Church, Portland


Council: 11257 - PORTLAND

Project Description:

Bought materials, washed the handicap ramp on one evening and stain most of it the next evening. The third evening is for final touch up and repairs. The ramp is 50-60 feet long and has a high level of traffic during the weekend masses and receives much wear in the winter from shoveling and the application of salt and sand. The council purchased a metal ramp to be placed in front of the door to facilitate easy wheeling and walking once on the platform to enter the church. The ramp needs to be coated every year and repairs are needed to the treated lumber. Our KC council paid for the building of the ramp in honor of one of our founding members, Joseph Tuttle, and funds the necessary maintenance each year. PGK and Brother Peter Rovnak has performed this maintenance since he joined our council. We estimated that 20 – 30 of our Parishioners are in need of the ramp to attend mass.

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