Clean up of church facility, rectory and grounds




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Clean up of church facility, rectory and grounds


Council: 2219 - WESTBROOK

Project Description:

Our parish maintenance committee did a walkaround of the church, grounds, and rectory. One problem stood out: materials were improperly stored throughout the facility. The maintenance committee chair (our Grand Knight) decided to solicit help from the council in addressing the situation with a 3-pronged approach: group 1 would reset the parish hall from Covid-19 arrangement to its normal set-up, group 2 would identify materials for disposal and move them to a disposal staging area, and group 3 would load and bring those materials to recycling or dump sites. This work was accomplished over a period of five weeks. The following materials were recycled: one truckload of hymnals/song books, nearly 1000-ft of fluorescent bulbs, three loads of metal salvage, and three large, heavy bookcases. We also took four truckloads of trash and obsolete or unneeded materials to the dump.

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