Coat For Kids, warm jackets to those in need




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Coat For Kids, warm jackets to those in need


Council: 11257 - PORTLAND

Project Description:

Knights of Columbus Council 11257, Portland, Maine, Our Lady of Hope Parish held its Coat for Kids program on November 14th, 2020 in conjunction with the St. Vincent DePauls All Clothes Day for those in need. The Council purchased 10 Cartons of 12 coats each for a total of 120 with a mixture of Boy’s and Girls from ages 4 – 17. The cost of the coats of $2,640 was supported by raising the funds from 17 of the knights in our council during our Holiday Donations Appeal. The event at St. Vincent started at 10:45am and was scheduled until 2:00pm. The event complied with the Covid19 guidelines of Masks, Social Distancing and Crowd size within the Hall. Everyone who entered were provided a mask and gloves and a designated path to access the many clothes that were available for them including Shoes and Boots. The coats were much needed as the cold weather has already begun and soon we will have snow. All of our Coats for Kids were distributed to some very happy children and teens. Many thanks go to those who donated their time, talent and dollars to help out those in need.

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