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Coates for Kids - Kingman School Project


Council: 114 - BANGOR

Project Description:

Our Parish Nuns, Sisters Edith and Barbara watch over and care for the student population of Kingman School, there are 26 students, and each week the sisters build back packs for these students so that they have something to eat throughout the weekend. During this Christmas Season, the nuns have put together Christmas Care Packages for each of these students, and they asked the Knights if we could help in someway; it was decided that we would purchase winter Coates for each of the students. A letter was prepared and presented to Was mart of Bangor, the Assistant Store Manager Joe, accepted the request and pushed it through-and we were granted a $100.00 gift card to go towards the purchase of the 26 winter girls/boys Coats.

It was fun to shop for these girls and boys, ensuring the correct size was purchased for each of them, and then presented to the nuns to package up in what eve way they came up with.

Pine Cone Council 114, went out and worked diligently ensuring these kids were cared for. St.. Mary’s Church of Bangor, provided new sneakers for each of the kids, along with mittens and hats.

All in all, a great Christmas Blessing from the Knights the community, and of course the Sisters who do so much for these kids throughout the year.

Thanks one and all!

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