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Coats for Kids


Council: 680 - MILLINOCKET

Project Description:

Realizing that our community had an increasing amount of families with financial struggles, Council 680 decided to participate in the Coats for Kids program. The intent was to provide warmth for deserving children during cold winter months. One of our Brothers spearheaded this project and solicited help from
several members who took on various steps in the process from fund raising efforts to soliciting help from teachers in local schools to help identify needy students. A yard sale was conducted in the summer with some of the proceeds used to purchase 4 cases of boys and girls youth coats. 48 coats was felt to be a good start to this program since were unsure of how many needy children would be identified. Once the funds were obtained, the coats were ordered. When the coats arrived, promotional material was distributed to the local schools with contact information provided. It took 3 weeks for local teachers to assist us in distributing the coats to those children who the teachers felt they were coming to school inappropriately dressed for the decreasing temperatures. Teachers were invaluable to assisting us to identify those children truly in need from those who came to school dressed by choice. Once identified, the coats were distributed to the children through the principal’s office in each school. Leftover coats were given to local police and fire departments in case additional needs were identified.

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