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Coffee & Donuts


Council: 2219 - WESTBROOK

Project Description:

The Parishioners at St.Anthony meet for coffee, donuts and fellowship following the Sunday 9:30 Mass weekly, each week one group within the parish hosts the event and Council 2219 takes care of every second Sunday of the month. The responsibilities of this event is to pick up the donuts at the bakery, set up the hall, take down the chairs, get out the cups, set up condiments for coffee and brew both decaffeinated and regular coffee and water for tea. The donuts are set out and cut in half as well. After mass Brother Knights and their wives and sometime family serve the coffee and then end by cleaning up the room, and sweeping the floor. This social activity presents a good opportunity for our Knights to meet parishioners, scout out potential new Knights and to generally enjoy the company of other parishioners.

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