Coffee, Pastry Social in Support of Family Fellowship.15791




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Coffee, Pastry Social in Support of Family Fellowship.15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

Ten Council Brothers have volunteered to serve their Parish Families for the fifth year in a row. Each weekend there are brothers assigned and are responsible for the pick-up of items each Saturday evening for enjoyment on Sunday morning after the Masses. On Sunday the items which were picked up the night before by our brothers are put out on tables by our brothers and their helpers, in the Parish Halls along with Coffee and Juice. Many Parishioners and their Family Members stop each Sunday to enjoy the Fellowship and a nice pastry and Coffee before heading home. Between July 2018 through February 2019, the Brothers who work this project put in 991-man hours in support of this program. This is an increase of 30-man hours over last year. The New members Recruitment effort has been very successful during these gatherings, in netting for our council 2 new members. Following the Coffee and Pastry event each Sunday 2 of our Brothers will take the left-over pastries and bring them to the local Food Pantries, and Saint Vincent De-Paul Soup Kitchen in Portland. Fellowship and Helping the Needy and Poor are job one with this program.

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