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Collaboration With Saint Joseph College


Council: 10020 - No. WINDHAM

Project Description:

At the request of the Pastor of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church the Knights were asked to reach out to Saint Joseph College which is located about three miles from the parish. The President of the College, who is a member of our Council, had met with our Council a few months prior to explain that he was easing the focus of the College in a more spiritual educational facility. A new full time Chaplain was recruited and he began referring to the Collage as “Maine’s Catholic College”. The College was founded and operated by the Sisters of Mercy.

Members of the Council were invited to meet at the College with leaders of the service project director and students involved in charitable outreach programs. Six students explained their involvement with the charitable projects they work with. The students showed a deep commitment to projects such as starting a food pantry in Standish ME, Habitat For Humanity and trips to Appalachia to help repair homes during spring and winter breaks. It was inspiring to hear these students explain their deep concern for charity.

Four members of the Council then presented to the students about the Knights and areas were we felt there could be collaboration. The members gave a history of the Knights, based on the Corporal Works of Mercy – explained the areas where the Council answers those needs and how the students could get involved, our social night outreach programs and our fund raising dinners.

The students seemed enthusiastic about getting involved in Council projects. Part of the gathering was to lay the ground work for events where we could reach out to male students and introduce them to the Knights for the purpose of recruitment.

We enjoyed learning about how much synergy there is between the two groups. The Knights are going to work with the service leaders, College President and Chaplain to begin some on campus outreach to further involve students. The ultimate goal is to attract enough male students to join the Council so that a College Council can be created.

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