Collection of Used Glasses for those in need




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Collection of Used Glasses for those in need


Council: 11257 - PORTLAND

Project Description:

The Knights of Columbus Council 11257 has been collecting used glasses from parishioners and patrons of St. Pius and St. Joseph’s churchs in Portland. We started this as a service to our parishioners for disposing of old glasses that they no longer use. The glasses are sent to New Eyes for the Needy in New Jersey where volunteers sort and categorize the contacts and used glasses to be shipped overseas to impoverished people living in countries such as Haiti, Ghana, India, Indonesia and Senegal. These glasses are often the first and only pair of glasses these recipients will ever own. Our donations will improve the lives of the needy, children can succeed in school, adults can find or maintain employment and the elderly can remain independent. Our latest shipment was August 18, 2019 of 59 glasses. To date since 2012 we have shipped 1003 glasses at a cost of $212.89. New Eyes for the Needy is most appreciative of our involvement in this program.

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