Commemorative Mass for Deceased Members




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Commemorative Mass for Deceased Members


Council: 2219 - WESTBROOK

Project Description:

Our council annually holds a commemorative mass for Brother Knights, Sir Knights, and Daughters of Isabella. The mass is always held on the fourth Monday in November so families can put it on their calendars without notification.
We keep track of all members of each organization who have passed since the last commemorative mass. Each widow or widower is notified and invited to the mass and dinner following.

Our Grand Knight set up the ceremonial area prior to the event. A candle is lit prior to mass for each name to be read, and it is snuffed as the roll is called, as a living member responds “Absent.” This year’s mass was well attended, partially because Covid had led to a two-year lapse since the last such mass.

Once mass was completed, all adjourned to the parish hall for a great meal prepared by our D of I group. Twelve deceased family relatives were our guests.

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