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Community Center Handicap Accessibility


Council: 320 - JAY

Project Description:

Last year Council 320 donated $10,000 to the parish to make the parish hall Community Center handicap accessible. Last year we spent 200-man hours on the project and an additional 63 hours this year to complete the project. The total project included 2 new doors into the hall that were handicap accessible. Converting the men’s room at the hall to handicap access and converting it to unisex and the bathroom at the second floor to unisex handicap access as well. The plans for the men’s room were changed to allow room to add a pantry room to the kitchen. The original design for the men’s room was to have two toilets with one handicap accessible stall. When the kitchen pantry was added to the project the men’s room became a one toilet facility thereby eliminating the need for the partitions that were ordered for the original project. It was decided that we would use the partitions in the existing women’s room providing a two toilet facility women’s room and go back to a men’s and women’s room which will both have handicap access. The men’s room was completed in June 2022. The women’s room project is now in progress and will be reported in a future Faith in Action report.

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