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Community Food Pantry


Council: 11376 - BRIDGTON-FRYEBURG

Project Description:

My wife and I volunteer at a local food pantry in Naples Maine 2 days a month. The Crosswalk Food Pantry is a Non
Denominational Christian food pantry serving 5 area towns feeding at least 50 families twice a month. The duties
involve area set up, the unloading, sorting and distribution of various available food items .The available foods include
bread, meat, vegetables, dairy, and some miscellaneous food items. The food is donated to the pantry by area
supermarkets and local farms.
The number of food pantries in this area are constantly busy. Knowing that we somehow make it easier for those in
need to provide meals for themselves and their families by the donation of our time and to make friendships with
those we work with and those we serve is its own reward.

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